The Other Schemes & Services offered by the Bank are:

1. Financial Assistance to Urban Banks, Weavers Cooperatives, Industrial Cooperatives, Joint Farming Societies, etc.

2. Conversion of Short Term (Agriculture) Loans affected by Natural Calamities into Medium Term Loans.

3. Implementation of National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (RKBY) for the benefit of the farmers.

4. Implementation of the Aqua culture one thousand ponds scheme sponsored by the Fisheries Department of the Government of Meghalaya.

5. Consumption Loans to Farmers and Weaker Sections for various approved purposes.

6. Godown Loans to Service Coop. Societies under the NCDC sponsored Integrated Coop. Dev. Project (ICDP) through the State Govt.

7. Overdraft facilities to regular constituents of the Bank.

8. Kisan Credit Card Scheme for Farmers.

9. Swarozgar Credit Card Scheme for artisans , weavers, etc.

10. Schemes for unemployed Youth.

11. Infrastructural support including trainings to various cooperatives under ICDP sponsored by NCDC / Govt.